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Osborne Chiropractic Reviews

Hands holding heartWhat Our Clonmel Patients Say

At Osborne Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Osborne Chiropractic care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.

Fantastic Care and Treatment

After a bad accident 40 years ago I have been to many different people to see if I could find a solution and couldn’t hurt my back, a friend persuaded me to see John Osborne and swore they would be able to help me without hurting me. I went the next day. The staff were fantastic and the care and treatment I received was incredible, I could actually get into bed that night instead of it taking up to 10 minutes. They also rang me that evening to see how I had got on after my treatment, I am now a convert big time!
– Susan B.

Caring and Professional

My name is Edel and I, along with my three children Eoghan (12) Ella (10) and Hannah (8) have attended Osborne Chiropractic for regular care since 2008.

I had attended Dr. John while he practiced in Naas Co. Kildare 2000-2005. We moved to Clonmel in 2005 and I was delighted to learn that Dr. John & Dr. Marie also moved here in 2008! What first brought my children to chiropractic care was my own experience and symptomatic relief without the need for medical intervention such as injections. I had had injections into my shoulders to relieve pain in the past.

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Now, mostly we attend for wellness care. The children have suffered from sore throats, coughs, & tummy complaints in the past, but now I couldn’t tell you when they last had to attend a doctor’s surgery!

Wellness care has been our focus, recently our middle daughter Ella suffered a severe ‘crick’ in her neck, we were seen immediately and within a couple of visits, all pain and discomfort was gone.

We are generally in good health and that is maintained with regular chiropractic adjustments. Unanticipated benefits of care have been that NO antibiotics are being regularly prescribed!

Aine, Dr. John and Dr. Marie are always professional, happy and pleased to see us. They have a genuine care in our wellbeing.

The thing the kids love most about the office… getting a lift on the automatic adjusting tables!!
-Edel M.

Improvement After Adjustment

My children Louisa (7) and James (5) have been in chiropractic care for 5 years. I met Dr. Marie at a parent & toddler group Kindermusik, and talked to her in detail about chiropractic for children as Louisa had enlarged adenoids at the time. Also, my husband had been attending Osborne Chiropractic for his back and neck problems.

We began care initially for Louisa’s adenoids and tonsillitis and for James’ coughing and chest problems. Before trying chiropractic, we had tried medication and inhalers.

The improvements we have noticed with care are that Louisa coped better with managing the symptoms of the adenoids and tonsilitis, she’s rarely sick and chiropractic helps them with staying well.

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Sometimes there is almost instant improvement after an adjustment, especially with blocked noses etc. Louisa’s tonsillitis improved after a few weeks of adjusting to the point where her body was able to cope without having antibiotics (initially, it could take a double dose of antibiotics and she would be quite ill as a result).

For James, with a combination of dietary changes, his chiropractic adjusting has meant he is off any inhalers and chest medication. He hasn’t had a cough etc. for years now.

The unanticipated benefits of chiropractic for us has been that my kids are rarely ill and never have to visit the GP. If they are ‘under the weather’, it passes very quickly.
It’s reassuring taking children to ‘other parents’ as Marie & John understand children! Marie has a brilliant relationship with the kids and they feel so comfortable there…They love Aine’s spinning chairs and they are very happy and relaxed at the practice!
– Jayne M.

Friendly Practice

My children Emma (3) and jack (2) started care at Osborne Chiropractic over a year ago. Jack had a very low immune system and was constantly getting viruses.

I met Dr. Marie & Dr. John at their stand at a summer show and shortly began care with them after that. As time went on, I asked about the benefits of bringing children for adjustments & quickly made up my mind that they should be brought. I took along both children, Emma for a wellness check and Jack who was looking very pale, run down, a little underweight and with a constantly blocked nose for about three months.

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Prior to taking them to Osborne Chiropractic we tried osteopathy.

Following his first adjustment, Jack started eating all around him! His nose and ears cleared up and generally, he was much healthier and in better form. He had developed a limp from the way he had been crawling and immediately it was sorted which sped up his walking and balance.

After their first month of care, they were in great health, both had great appetites and slept better, they also had a noticeable growth spurt.

Anytime they have a cold or cough, I now bring them to Osborne Chiropractic to be adjusted before it gets any worse; therefore, I rarely have to take them to a GP. Jack has only had one antibiotic since starting chiropractic and Emma has not even needed to go to the GP.

What I like most about the practice is they are very friendly. The children are adjusted, even if they are running around! They don’t have to stay lying down for a long time for the adjustment to be done.
Dr. John and Dr. Marie are parents themselves and it makes a huge difference because they know how to handle kids.

Jack reacted badly to his first two vaccinations so I was slow in giving him the remaining ones. Having discussed my concerns with Dr. John & Dr. Marie, Jack was adjusted regularly to strengthen & build his immune system & he has had no more reactions, not even a high temperature with other vaccinations.

The kids love getting stickers from Aine at front desk!
-Marian B.

Noticeable Improvement

I heard about the benefits of Chiropractic Care for children and on recommendation took my boys Brian (8) and Luke (5) to Osborne Chiropractic for general well being. We have been attending the practice since 2012.

The improvements we have noticed are the boys are not getting as many colds, coughs or sore throats since we started and we noticed the improvements after the second or third adjustments.

Other benefits we have seen are the boys are eating and sleeping well and they are willing to take their Fish Oils, Vitamin D and multivitamins as recommended by Dr. Marie!

What we like most about Osborne Chiropractic is that it is child friendly, appointments are unrushed and any queries are answered if not on the day, then with a follow up phone call or text. Overall, there is a feeling of being listened to and the boys needs are met.

Brian & Luke love having their adjustments and argue as to who is going first! They find the adjustments relaxing and love chatting with Aine at front desk.

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