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Myovision: Technology for Nervous System Evaluation

Osborne Chiropractic’s Clonmel Chiropractors use the latest technology available for evaluation of muscular and nervous system imbalance. Two computerized evaluations are performed as part of every patients’ examination to evaluate the nervous system functioning.

Surface Electromyography (sEMG)

The sEMG measures the quality, quantity, and symmetry of muscle tension and spasm by evaluating the electrical activity of muscles.

Because nerves control your muscles, subluxations disturb overall nerve function, causing an abnormal amount of electrical current to flow to the musculature.

Thermal Scan

This advanced tool measures body temperature symmetry by evaluating skin temperatures. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and the blood vessels act as your thermostat. The blood vessels are controlled by the Autonomic Nerve System that regulates organ and gland function.

This information, taken in tandem with your health history and clinical findings, is useful in our assessment, and as an outcome assessment of the beneficial changes that result from chiropractic care. Patients receive a colour printout of each examination, which increases their understanding of the overall balance of the nerve system.

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